From the Editor – September 2020

September 26, 2020

Editor’s Notes

Spring has arrived! A time to embrace renewal and growth in all aspects of our life. Given the year we’ve had, this season of positivity is especially welcome. Inconceivable doesn’t begin to describe 2020. Yet businesses, governments, communities and individuals have bravely faced the challenges – pivoting through innovation and fortitude to deal with the new normal, head-on. Everyone working together, working remotely, working under pressure to help each other on local, national and global levels.

In our September issue of Business View Oceania, we celebrate the determined and inventive people making strides in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Energy sectors. In the charming City of Camberwell, mere minutes from the Melbourne CBD, Lynden Aged Care shines as a bright and cheerful home where senior residents enjoy the best life has to offer. Architecturally, it is a beautiful building but the special energy within comes from the people – the residents, the staff, the families, the external providers that visit – they are the heart and soul of Lynden.

Speaking of energy, our focus in that sector is on sustainability and renewables, starting with a report on advancements in the geothermal realm from NZGA (the New Zealand Geothermal Association). When it comes to comfort, Central Heating New Zealand brings us up to speed on the latest in environmentally-friendly whole home heating and cooling options. Meanwhile, competition is strong in the solar field. But third-generation Kerfoot, with 47 years of experience as an electrical organisation, has the upper hand – offering a full turnkey solution inhouse, including installation.

Unfortunately, the Hospitality Industry is bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 impact but, looking ahead, business and leisure travel and all the related opportunities will come back. So, until that wonderful time when you can visit in person, we’re featuring two of Melbourne’s finest hotel destinations for your viewing pleasure. Each uniquely iconic in its own right. Standing in the historic South Wharf promenade, Novotel Melbourne South Wharf is more than a four-star hotel. It is an experience of world-class dining and exceptional amenities housed within a triumph of contemporary architecture.

Located in the heart of the CBD, InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto offers the experience of a lifetime in a much loved, 130-year-old landmark. Its enchanting Venetian Gothic façade begs to be photographed, while inside, the 21st century is embraced with exquisite modern décor and all the luxuries you can imagine.

With spring well and truly here, and 2021 not that far off, we need to remember that better days are on the way. We hope you are encouraged by this month’s issue of Business View. May we all stay safe, keep the wheels of innovation turning, and above all, be kind to each other.







Lorie Lee Steiner


Dear 2020, please give us a break.

We’ve begun a new year and a new decade in the midst of economic, political and unprecedented environmental turmoil. Catastrophic natural and man-made disasters are scarring the planet, hearts are broken, destruction is widespread. Close to home, one of the most devastating events #AustraliaBushfires is trending at a fever pace on social networks. In real life, the horror is unimaginable. You don’t need me to quote the stats here. They are readily available through Google … everyone sees, everyone knows, but what can we do? Hug your loved ones, be kind to each other, and please give what you can. The following reputable agencies will accept your monetary donation and put it to good use, where it’s most needed. Thank you.

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