From the Editor – Volume 3 Issue 7

July 22, 2021

Questions, questions, so many questions. It seems for the last 16 months, all we’ve been doing is asking questions – of ourselves, of our families, our medical professionals, our employees, our co-workers… our IT people! How are you? How are you really? How do I do this? When can I do this? Is it safe? What do we do now?

We’ve all had a long and strenuous COVID-19 workout but we can, and should, feel proud of what we’ve accomplished – how we’ve learned to pivot and Zoom, and above all, that we’re getting through it together by going through it, for the most part, alone. It’s not a time for celebration – the losses are too deep – but the valuable lessons learned will guide us through whatever’s on the horizon. And that’s something we shouldn’t question, but just accept… with gratitude.

This month’s issue of BV Oceania is all about the importance of smart, safe and super clean buildings. And the behind-the-scenes businesses that make it possible. We are pleased to present a quartet of outstanding examples:

Starting with Millennium New Zealand – here is a team that delivers innovative, class-leading cleaning and security services throughout the country. And when rapid response situations come up, be assured Millennium will tailor support services for events and emergencies such as storms and flooding. Peace of mind for all.

Customised solutions is also a key focus of ServiceFM. For over 40 years, they have worked to connect Australians to integrated facilities management services. Not just another contractor, ServiceFM becomes a partner with their public and private sector clients – proudly sharing the journey and helping ease the worries, especially during trying times like COVID-19.

Today’s built environment plays host to ever-evolving technology systems that are artfully integrated behind the scenes by industry specialists like those at the Oberix Group. Global businesses choose to work with Oberix because of the company’s focus on impacting ‘whole of building’ and ‘whole of business’ processes. A true leader that’s trailblazing the way to the future.

We end with a highly personalised, best-quality player in the ever-competitive cleaning industry, Clean My Office Space New Zealand is ready to roll at a moment’s notice. In the Auckland and Wellington regions, CMOS is proud to be your partner in cleanliness, delivering extraordinary service whilst transforming the cleaning industry, one job at a time.

It’s our pleasure to bring you these success stories and hope they will enlighten and inspire. Be well and enjoy the read, my friends!







Lorie Lee Steiner


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