The Hallett Group launches The Green Cement Transformation Project in South Australia

July 25, 2022

South Australia’s largest integrated mining, building, and construction materials supplier, The Hallett Group, has launched The Green Cement Transformation Project, for the manufacturing of supplementary cementitious materials in South Australia. Set to be carried out in Port Adelaide, Port Pirie Whyalla, and Port Augusta, the project aims to replace over half of traditional cement materials used by the construction industry, which emit up to three billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

The Hallett Project’s primary facility in Port Augusta is currently being built, with completion dated for 2024. In a move that the group calls “… the most significant carbon reductio innovation project ever contemplated in the Australian cement and concrete industry,”, The Green Cement Transformation Project has invested $125 million in accordance with its mission to reduce Australian carbon emissions up to 1 million tonnes each year- approximately one percent of the national target for carbon emissions reduction by 2030.

CEO Kane Salisbury shares, “We have been working towards this truly disruptive innovation project for the past seven years, and I am incredibly proud of the team for pulling this together despite all the challenges. The project will replace imports of SCMs (supplementary cementitious materials) and will future-proof Australia’s access to SCMs and green cement, which becomes increasingly important as Australia’s current locally produced sources diminish in the coming years, in line with the reduction of coal-fired power generation.”

Owner Mark Pickard also commented on the project. He says, “In my 40 years in business, I have never been more excited about our future and our ability to benefit the community.”

For more information, visit The Hallett Group’s website:


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