LinkedIn Announces New Zealand’s Top Startups list for 2021

October 24, 2021

International business social media platform LinkedIn has announced their 2021 Top Startups list for New Zealand. The list features 10 companies that have recently emerged into the New Zealand market, spanning across the Finance, Automation, Internet, Commerce, Software, Marketing, Advertisement, and International Trade and Development sectors.

LinkedIn’s 2021 Top Startups list for New Zealand is as follows:

  • Sharesies (Financial Services)
  • Halter (Industrial Automation)
  • Overdose (Internet)
  • First AML (Financial Services)
  • ArchiPro (Internet)
  • LawVu (Computer Software)
  • Imagr (Computer Software)
  • Figured (Computer Software)
  • Stanley St (Marketing and Advertising)
  • TradeWindow (International Trade and Development)

LinkedIn shares, “Over the past year and a half, professionals across New Zealand have been pushed to reevaluate the way they live and work in the wake of the pandemic. With economic recovery staring to happen at different paces across industries, many professionals are looking for something new, asking themselves: What’s next?”

The Top Startups List is a new venture undertaken by LinkenIn in 2021. As the first annual release of its kind, New Zealand’s Top Startups list for 2021 leads the way in highlighting emerging businesses that are doing great things around the globe, via a network of professionals.

For more information and a breakdown of each startup on the above list, visit:

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