Minister for Science and Technology announces Digital Directors Training Program for Australian company directors

December 20, 2021

Australia’s Minister for Science and Technology, Melissa Price, has announced a new training program for company directors across Australia that is designed to improve digital literacy rates and boost directors’ confidence in their digital ability.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) aims to deliver the Digital Directors Training Program via a 10-part webinar series:

  • Governing with a digital mindset
  • Effective Governance of your digital assets
  • Digital Disruption- Moving from surviving to thriving
  • Placing innovation at the heart of strategy
  • Digital Risk- Balancing security, trust, and performance
  • Digital Resilience- Cyber enablers and accelerators
  • Digital Transformation- Governance of the transition
  • Digital Transformation- Navigating future trends
  • Digital Director Expectations- Legal, ethical, and societal change
  • Enterprise Agility- Board planning for the future of work

AICD says the program will “enhance skills to lead confidently in a digitally driven economy”, “provide critical insights for directors seeking to enhance their knowledge and capability in new and emerging digital governance practices” and, “leverage key trends in technology and navigate an evolving digital landscape for organizational sustainability”.

The Hon. Melissa Price says the program comes as a welcome investment into business leaders following the increased use and advancement of digital technologies across Australia. “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization across our economy. To help cement these gains, Australia needs digitally skilled leaders at the helm, steering their business into our digital future. … I want to see more Australian businesses investing in technology so they can increase their competitiveness and productivity, increase connectedness with consumers, and create new jobs in high-value areas.”

Other peak industry bodies such as the Business Council of Australia (BCA) will also have access to content held within the Digital Directors Training Program. More information can be found via AICD on their website:

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