Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) grant supports precision manufacturing capabilities in Australian recipients such as ANCA and Corvus

March 27, 2023

Respective $3 million investments into Melbourne-based advanced technology manufacturers ANCA and Corvus are set to build Australia’s manufacturing capability and create hundreds of jobs across both sites. Delivered through the MII grant, both investments will be used by recipients to establish precision manufacturing equipment.

ANCA will establish a precision manufacturing cell at its Victorian headquarters using the grant delivered through the Modern Manufacturing Initiative. This ‘Mother Machine’ will enable ANCA to produce a large number of precision parts and tooling with very high accuracy and consistency for the aerospace, automotive, medical device, and electronics industries, among others.

ANCA Chief Executive Officer, Martin Ripple, says funds delivered under the MII will help establish the nation’s unique end‐to‐end sovereign industrial capability. Mr. Ripple shares, “This grant will assist ANCA (to) establish a fully integrated, precision manufacturing cell at our facility in Bayswater and will create more than 150 highly skilled Australian jobs within the project period and around 330 jobs after five years.”

Assistant Minister for Manufacturing, Tim Ayres, says he was pleased to announce the grant, delivering this advanced manufacturing capability at a time when building sovereign capability has never been more important. “Over the last decade, Australian exports have slipped down the global value chain as our exports have become less complex,” Assistant Minister Ayres shares. “This grant will enable (recipients) to build a new designated precision manufacturing cell and continue enhancing Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities. It will also create an estimated 157 highly skilled jobs during the project and about 330 jobs after five years.”

Corvus plans to use the MMI grant investment to install high precision machinery at their manufacturing facility, also located in Victoria. “The $3 million awarded under the MMI will help us establish fully integrated, precision manufacturing capabilities at our facility and support the creation of more than 300 local manufacturing jobs over the next five years,” says Corvus Operations Manager, Ryan Higgins.

“It will also enhance our competitiveness to bid on more contracts in the growing defence manufacturing space, both here in Australia and internationally through growing partnerships with leading industry players such as Hanwha Defence Australia.”

The Albanese Government is targeting $1 billion of its National Reconstruction Fund for investments in advanced manufacturing. Assistant Minister Ayres explains, “The National Reconstruction Fund is one of the biggest investments in Australian manufacturing capability in living memory. … The Fund will help secure our long-term capability and drive sustainable economic growth by leveraging Australia’s competitive strengths.”

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