New Telehealth Platform Midnight Health is dubbed the ‘Right Medicine’ for ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

September 17, 2021

Australian entrepreneur Nic Blair has announced his new business: Midnight Health. A telehealth platform that provides “fast, convenient and discreet” online treatment and prevention services for patients who do not wish to access health services in person, Midnight Health allows patients to take control of their healthcare wherever they are.

Blair explains that Midnight Health is designed as a patient-led service. The platform’s ability to integrate General Practice, Pharmacy, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Sexual Health services allows patrons to access and keep track of all their health-related needs.

“In the next ten years, we will see a fundamental shift in the way that we s patients manage our healthcare. Like many industries that have changed the way in which we manage our daily lives, digital technology will lead a transition to patient-led healthcare and enable us to lead a more fulfilling future through superior and consolidated, digital-first healthcare. We are excited to play our part in this healthcare revolution and give you the power to manage your health no matter where, how, or when that may be.”

Midnight Health is supported by sister-brands Youly, an innovative solution to women’s health that provides online consultations, prescriptions, and delivery of medicinal products related to contraception, sexual health, and sleep, and Stagger, a men’s health service for that also supplies digital consultation, prescription, and delivery services for issues relating to hair loss, sexual health, and sleep. Both brands are cost-effective and discreet, and have received a plethora of rave reviews from the media and end-users.

Midnight Health is part of a recent explosion of online e-services that have arisen in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic- and it’s not just healthcare providers and patrons taking advantage. E-commerce, news and entertainment, education, industry, and communication spheres have all seen a significant increase in engagement of individuals, cultural groups, and businesses alike. The importance of the digital world in our everyday lives has certainly increased, and is likely to do so even more as online practices around the world continue to evolve.

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