Female-led startup Hemideina secures $10 million capital raise to further develop Hearing Implant Technology

October 24, 2021

Melbourne startup Hemideina has been making waves in more than just sound with their continued development of Hearing Implant Technology. In a market traditionally dominated by Cochlear implants, co-founders Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Williams and Dr. Kate Lomas have presented an alternative technology- the Hera Wireless Implant System. Hemideina has secured a $10 million Series A capital raise, managed by Henslow, to further develop their technology to reach the prototyping and pre-clinical testing stages, respectively.

Business News Australia reports, “Hemideina draws on Lomas’ experience as a biologist studying a New Zealand insect- the hemideina crassidens, which can hear in the same auditory range as humans. As a result, the pair have developed an architectural redesign of the cochlear hearing implant, … comprising an external, small in-ear bud with the company’s proprietary technology and an implantable receiver that stimulates the nerves in a part of the inner ear known as the cochlea.”

Founded in 2017, Hemideina states their mission as: “To enable those with hearing loss to live a life without limits and hear a world of sound. Hemideina takes inspiration from nature to develop solutions for human hearing. It is our mission to be a trusted source of innovation for those with hearing loss.” While the Hera Wireless Implant has not yet been released to the market, senior representatives say they are excited to see the technology behind the next-generation auditory device continue to grow as a result of capital raise funding.

Hemideina identifies benefits of the Hera Wireless Implant System as:

  • The device is miniature, discreet, and takes advantage of the ear’s natural contours for directionality.
  • The device improves hearing-in-noise and filters out background or ambient noise.
  • The system aims to deliver a closer true-to-sound experience than existing devices on the market today.

CEO Liz Williams shares, “We are incredibly proud of the high-caliber work to date, which has contributed to building confident around our technology with investors and this successful raise. Our goal is to deliver a paradigm shift in cochlear implant performance to people suffering from severe-to-profound hearing loss and make the world of sound more accessible through our technology.”

To follow Hemideina’s story and stay up to date on the evolution of their System, visit: www.hemideina.com.

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