New Zealand Education Technology start-up, Kami, aims for 100 million worldwide users by 2023

August 18, 2021

New Zealand-owned company Kami, an online interactive learning tool for classrooms across the world, has just announced their goal to reach 100 million users by 2023. Currently supporting 23 million users worldwide, representative say it is a bold but highly achievable goal.

Kami’s plan to quadruple their users in the next two years is well underway thanks to exponential growth in online learning resource demand, which has been fueled by the ongoing the COVID-19 pandemic. Kami has been backed by investors in New Zealand, Australia, and Silicon Valley, USA.

From left: Co-founders Hengjie Wang and Alliv Samson, Chairman Bob Drummond, and co-founder Jordan Thoms

About Kami

Kami was founded in 2013, by Auckland University students Hengjie Wang, Alliv Samson and Jordan Thoms. What began as a personal study and collaboration tool for the three students has since evolved into an international education sensation, with paid and free versions utilized by over 200 countries. Samson describes Kami’s software as a solution to the many stresses of online learning.

“We are basically breaking down the four walls of the classroom and making it more flexible for the teachers and the students. They can be anywhere, anytime, doing their work. It’s teaching these kids to be ready for the workforce by learning the right tools. We make it a point that wherever they are, we understand what they are going through, and I think that’s the beauty of being a tech start-up; we’re agile enough to adjust to whatever our users’ needs are.”

More information about Kami’s history, benefits and pricing can be found on their website,

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