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May 30, 2024

Trowse Constructions

Leadership and Legacy: Construction leaders in Modern Building Design


Constructing a leading path steered by expertise and top-tier experience

Trowse Constructions, a rising player in the construction industry, is helmed by co-directors Ben and Emily Trowse. Drawing on the extensive building expertise of their father’s business, James Trowse Construction, they steer the company toward a promising future. The transition underlines their dedication to the industry and passion for creating a lasting legacy and establishing their mark in the field.

Navigating the first year: growth and challenges

In its first year, Trowse Constructions witnessed substantial growth. “We have 27 employees between site and office,” Trowse, B. points out, detailing the diverse roles within the company, from contract administrators to site managers and apprentices. The average number of years that staff have devoted to the company is 20 which indicates a strong loyalty and commitment. The company’s rapid expansion is a tribute to Trowse’s foundation and strategic vision.

However, the journey has not been without its hurdles. The complexities of licensing, insurance, and managing QBCC allowable turnover have posed some challenges. “It’s a lot more challenging and ensures the quality of builders delivering in today’s build environment,” Trowse, B. relays, reflecting on the stricter regulations and safety standards that are now part of the industry’s landscape.

Background and Experience

The building journey by working in their father’s construction company, James Trowse Construction, where the Trowse’s honed their skills and gained invaluable experience. Starting as a cadet, Trowse, E. progressed to become a contract administrator, while Trowse, B., after gaining experience at various construction firms, assumed the role of a project manager. Their diverse roles and experiences laid a solid foundation for their leadership capacity at Trowse Constructions.

As Trowse Constructions continues to build its reputation and tackle the operational challenges of a burgeoning business, Trowse’s insights and leadership will undoubtedly be indispensable in steering the company toward long-term success and innovation in the construction industry.


Diverse portfolio and prospects

In just a year since its inception, Trowse Constructions has taken on ambitious projects highlighting its capabilities and rapid growth in the competitive construction industry. “We have a great project at the moment, a $20M dollars, which showcases our diverse skill set, it includes a 5 storey new build, a 2 storey refurbishment & extension and a new drop & go car park facility,”

shares Trowse, B., showcasing the scale of projects it’s handling. This project, Lourdes Hill College, is particularly significant, as Trowse, E., former school captain at Lourdes Hill, played a key role in securing it. The connection exemplifies how personal ties and community involvement can influence business opportunities. As well as the school’s positive feedback and strong desire for Trowse Constructions to win the next project stage illustrates the company’s effective partnership and quality of work.

In addition to the landmark Lourdes Hill College project, Trowse Constructions manages various other builds, including a lift installation, works inside heritage listed buildings, and a new car park. It is also nearing completion of a city-based Fitout project and about to commence construction on an eight-million-dollar hotel in Brisbane CBD  called the Great Southern Hotel. The diverse portfolio highlights its operational versatility and capacity to manage multiple high-value projects simultaneously.

As Trowse Constructions navigates through its growing stages, it has already marked some significant accomplishments. “Among these, a particularly noteworthy project was a car park constructed over the wet season for the Narbethong State Special School. Despite the challenging weather conditions and restricted timeline during the school holidays, Trowse Constructions completed the project, earning high praise and recognition from the school.

Building strong industry relationships

A key factor in Trowse Constructions’ success is its strategic partnerships with subcontractors and consultants. “We have a range of high quality subcontractors who we count on to help us deliver successful projects. Like a staff, we tailor the selected subcontractor to the suitability of the project to ensure our clients get the best outcome.”

Trowse Construction also maintains a rotating pool of subcontractors to distribute work evenly and mitigate risk, ensuring no single contractor is overburdened.

When it comes to consultancy services, Trowse Constructions is typically engaged in construct-only contracts primarily focused on construction-only projects. However, for design and construction (D&C) projects, it either works harmoniously with novated consultants from clients or engages its own for smaller projects. This approach allows them to retain control over the construction process while being open to new relationships and expertise that can enhance the project outcomes.

Empowering women in construction

Supporting women in the construction industry is a core value at Trowse Constructions, significantly influenced by Trowse, E.’s leadership role as a director. The company actively promotes gender diversity, with Trowse E. leading by example. She has been involved in initiatives, including speaking at Lourdes Hill College during events such as Women’s Day and other school assemblies and she is an active member of the NAWIC (The National Association of Women in Construction), aiming to inspire young girls to explore possible careers in construction.

A fundamental aspect of Trowse Constructions’ philosophy is its dedication to supporting women in the construction industry. Trowse, E., who moved into construction from careers in teaching and IT, exemplifies the advocacy for greater female participation in this traditionally male-dominated sector. “We’re always willing to put girls on, and there is always a place for them here,” asserts Trowse, E., highlighting the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace for women.

Day-to-day operations at Trowse Constructions

The day-to-day responsibilities of the Trowse siblings are as dynamic as the projects they oversee. Trowse, E. is deeply involved in contract administration, particularly for the Lourdes Hill College project, one of the earliest and most significant undertakings. Besides managing this project, Trowse, E. also handles the operational management of other contract administrators within the company, ensuring that all projects maintain high standards of execution and efficiency.

Trowse, B., on the other hand, focuses on business development and estimating. With the support of Andrew Trowse, Consultant, who brings 40+ years in the industry. Trowse, B. is gearing up for a more defined role split between pre-construction activities and managing ongoing construction efforts. The strategic division of responsibilities confirms that foundational and growth-oriented tasks are handled appropriately.

Anthony O’Brien leads the construction management, making certain that the operational side of the projects aligns with the company’s standards and goals. This management structure allows the directors to remain heavily involved in a strategic capacity, overseeing the broad spectrum of Trowse Constructions’ activities and ensuring that all aspects of the business operate harmoniously.


Strategic goals and core values

As Trowse Constructions continues solidifying its presence in the construction industry, the blend of strategic leadership, commitment to diversity, and a focused approach to project and operational management are key drivers of its success. With a growing portfolio of projects and a strong foundational team, the company is well-positioned to tackle future challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

As Trowse Constructions looks to the future, the Trowse’s have clearly defined its strategic goals and values with plans to continue its growth trajectory that will guide the company’s development. Central to their vision is a strong inclination towards government projects, towards the private sector, especially within the commercial and industrial sectors.

“We are really working on expanding our client relationships especially over the next 12 months because we know we have so much value to offer our clients,” states Trowse, B., emphasizing its expertise and comfort in managing projects in complex, operational environments such as schools. The focus aligns with its commitment to adding value to its clients and business operations.

Trowse Constructions is not pursuing rapid expansion but instead focuses on controlled growth. “It’s about delivering the work we’ve got in this early stage, making sure we deliver it well, deliver it profitably, and make sure everyone’s happy and comfortable with the new business,” explains Trowse, B. This measured approach means they maintain high quality and client satisfaction standards as they gradually expand their project portfolio and client base.

Client-centric approach and operational involvement

Trowse, E. emphasizes hands-on involvement in every project, aiming to meet and exceed client expectations. This approach guarantees awareness of every project detail, underscoring comprehensive oversight as the company’s key value. Such close involvement fosters a deep understanding of each project’s needs and challenges, enabling them to deliver superior results consistently.

Trowse Constructions aims to manage a balanced portfolio of projects, carefully selecting engagements that allow for thorough oversight and high-quality outcomes. “We are always monitoring our resources against our workbook,” Trowse, E. explains, reflecting its strategic focus on managed growth and quality over quantity. This philosophy ensures that each project receives the attention and resources necessary to meet the high standards Trowse Constructions sets for itself and promises to its clients.


Trowse Constructions

What:  A privately owned and operated commercial construction company servicing Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Where: Headquarters, Queensland, Australia.



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