Women’s health-tech Femma gains traction following March launch

July 8, 2022

With over two thousand new users choosing to take advantage of the health-tech platform in the three months since its official launch, Femma is well on its way to stardom in the Australian women’s health sector. Established to make comprehensive and clinically based digital healthcare services available to women across the country, Femma provides:

  • Online Consults- Text-based or video consultations with General Practitioner Specialists with extra qualifications in women’s health
  • Pharmacy & Products- Prescriptions, pharmacy fulfillment, and evidence-based OTC product recommendations delivered to your door
  • Education & Lifestyle- Ask an Expert Q&A forums from Australia’s leading women’s health experts, and unlimited messaging with the Femma care team
  • Community & Care Team- A community of women who share and support eachother through their healthcare experience

Founder and CEO Dr. Emma Rees is joined by six GP Specialists with experience in and a passion for women’s health. Together, the team treats patients struggling with menopause, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), contraception, fatigue, skin, hair, and mood & anxiety. Moving forward, the online healthcare provider has plans to add endometriosis, sexual health & screening, incontinence, menorrhagia & adenomyosis, and preconception support to their repertoire. Access to the community is free and consultations are competitively priced.

Dr. Rees says, “It’s really important that Femma helps bring women together with that knowledge and education that we really need to have about our own bodies, and about how to manage conditions and concerns that we have. Even though we’re living in what we term as more of a 24/7 society, I think healthcare remains something which is still difficult to access, and having worked across Australia and in regional and remote areas, I have seen that unless somebody has a doctor with particular knowledge or expertise in their locality, it can be impossible to get that individualised care that you need around women’s health problems specifically. For me, the most exciting thing about Femma is that we have been able to harness digital innovations to deliver healthcare to people that would otherwise have no access whatsoever- they may have access to a GP with other skills, but not someone with a specific interest in women’s health.”

Femma are making serious moves in empowering their mission to increase access to high quality healthcare for women. The organisation values a multidisciplinary approach to clinically led care, pushing for accessibility for all through shared decision making.

For more information, visit the Femma website: https://www.femma.com.au/


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