Business View Oceania | April 2021

63 64 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 AT A GLANCE JUKEN NEW ZEALAND LTD. WHAT: Manufacturer of advanced, innovative wood products WHERE: Headquartered in Auckland, NZ WEBSITE: Juken New Zealand Ltd. Sustainable Timber Solutions For The World F or more than 30 years, Juken New Zealand has been heavily involved with their local forestry and wood- processing industries. The company manufactures and exports advanced and innovative wood products, including a range of engineered wood products made from selectively planted, managed, and harvested Radiata Pine. Juken also prides itself on becoming an important economic and cultural contributor to the local communities within which they operate. A New Zealand registered firm, Juken is family-owned by Woodone – a Japanese- based company that provides New Zealanders with research and development assets, as well as additional technology resources. They have also invested over $NZ700 million into Juken New Zealand to date. With this type of backing and years of operating, Juken is now a large-scale operation, employing many New Zealanders in several cities. Gordon Wilmshurst, General Manager of Sales, Marketing & Logistics, shares, “Juken New Zealand’s goal is to provide advanced and innovative wood products from our forest estates for our domestic