Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 11

35 36 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 embracing carbon neutrality. A journey that sits at the heart of everything Living Green Group does, the company works towards offsetting their emissions through the purchase of carbon credits to prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. As of 2021, every sale made goes towards offsetting emissions through reforestation and carbon setting projects. Miss. Mclisky explains, “With each trade focused commercial sale, we work with well established groups to invest in newly planted trees. We also purchase certified carbon offsets to trade the unavoidable emissions that arise from running a business. Our main consumer-facing brand, Living Green, is recognised by the United States Natural Products Association (USNPA), which is the oldest and most respected certifier of products that use natural ingredients. Unlike many ecological certifications, they only allow a very narrow selection of the most natural ingredients to be used in the development of certified product recipes and formulations. It’s and the reduction, and eventual elimination, of unnecessary carbon emissions. Tim James shares his confidence in the company’s future. “The top of our agenda is growth; we have a large variety of brands in very different categories. Feedback from customers in these categories has been incredibly positive, making our core agenda to share the word about these products to more retailers in New Zealand, Australia, and abroad, and to become recognised as leaders in our sphere. What we are doing is important, and I truly believe that we will continue making positive change as our industry advances.” Living Green Group would like to conclude by thanking their key business partners Countdown supermarkets, Bed Bath and Beyond, Mitre 10, and Gilmours (Foodstuffs North Island). Living Green Group has worked hand in hand with Countdown supermarkets supplying green home cleaning products, baby products, and sanitiser products both for retail and non-retail use. Bed Bath and Beyond was one of the very early adopters of Living Greens first retail products. Mitre 10 is one of Living Green’s newer retail customers, working with new Living Green Group brands including sanitisers to help combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Gilmours have been supplied with the Living Green Group Econogreen cleaning range since 2013; this year, both companies are excited to announce the Econogreen has become exclusive to Gilmours. And Hygiene House who has become an avid adopter of the Cleanlab green cleaner commercial product offering. INDUSTRY LEADING EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE & CLEANING SERVICES Using the latest in innovative equipment as well as our highly certified and trained technicians allows Pure Services to provide a premium service across New Zealand. L I V ING GREEN GROUP PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Pure Services not just about the type of ingredients; it’s the way they are extracted from natural sources and transformed into usable products. Sustainability is social, economic, and environmental. It’s important that we look at every piece of the puzzle, and organisations like USNPA help make sure that happens.” Living Green Group would like to highlight major consumer-facing derivative brands Hitit, Sigrids Econo-Green, Baby All Safe, PetsLove, Sleepzi, Clini-x, and its commercial trade brand CleanLab. As Cleanlab National Sales Manager, Mr. Harper  “Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining attractive and healthy conditions in the workplace. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of cleaning, the removal of dust, allergies, and infectious agents is crucial to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Our commercial CleanLab range is dedicated to providing the most effective green commercial cleaning products. Unlike other cleaning chemical manufacturers, who are heavily reliant on synthetic ingredients, CleanLab began with a total focus on environmental sustainability, utilising natural plant surfactants and botanicals wherever possible. CleanLab offers a complete suite of products enabling customers to transition into a greener lifestyle.” Living Green Group will continue to develop their ability to support the environment and those who rely on it going forward. Key goals for development and innovation surround the usage of water, energy, sustainable materials,