Complexica AI attracts new funding for domestic and international growth in 2023

January 31, 2023

Australian AI company Complexica has secured $1.4 million in funding from investor Perennial Partners this month, bringing the software provider’s total capital (invested and committed) to over $25 million in just 18 months. This follows Perennial’s recent investment of $3 million in November.

Portfolio Manager Ryan Sohn commented on behalf of Perennial, “We are excited to increase our investment in Complexica not long after making our initial commitment. Since our initial investment, we have been very impressed with the company’s execution and efficiencies, and have therefore selected Complexica as a core holding for our fund. We are looking for companies with excellent people and an excellent product, as well as category leadership in growing sectors, and we believe Complexica ticks all these boxes.”

Complexica CEO, Matt Michalewicz, shares his excitement in light of the new investment, and notes that it will assist the company as it reaches for expansive growth in 2023. “We are very happy to announce this increased investment and vote of confidence from one of Australia’s best-known fund managers, and look forward to working together to execute on our 2023 growth plans both domestically and overseas. We believe this announcement will mark the beginning of an exciting year for us, packed with an agenda of significant initiatives that Complexica is actively pursuing.”

Combining decades of expertise in science, software, and business process understanding, Complexica identifies their mission as: “… to help companies become more effective in their sales and marketing, and more competitive in the markets they serve, through optimised decision-making.” Domestic and international clients span across industries including manufacturing, retail, construction, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, wholesale and distribution, financial services, and consumer goods.

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