From the Editor – Volume 4 Issue 3

March 30, 2022

There are very few things more important in the business world than collaboration- between businesses, between staff, and between companies and their community. Sharing ideas and resources promotes professional development, improves flexibility and engagement, builds work process foundations, works towards the betterment of industries as a whole, and helps drive innovation for the future.

Some tips on successful collaborative best practice:

  • Provide rewards and incentives for proactive approaches to communication
  • Have company leadership set a good example
  • Define guidelines and frameworks for collaboration clearly
  • Be flexible, encourage feedback, and adapt continuously to changes as they arise
  • Approach from a variety of angles; internally and via external networks

Collaborators Galore!

In this issue, we feature successful collaborators doing their part to better the lives of their networks with industry bodies, local communities, and other businesses. We begin with our Technology View, which highlights the Australian Information Security Association, and the Internet of Things (IoT) Alliance Australia. Next is our focus on Construction, which details the story of Sunbather, Australia’s pioneer in solar pool heating.

Moving into our Transportation View, we feature the Fleet Management Association of Australia, Australian Construction Products (ACP), and Construct Traffic. Next is Health and Fitness with Life Sciences Queensland, The iQ Group Global (Australia), and ESP Medical. And finally, we conclude this issue with our Food and Beverage sector. Here are three companies working towards the improvement of their respective industries through collaboration and innovation: the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Alchemy Agencies, and Eurofins Food Testing Australia.

That’s it from us for March. Be well, stay safe, and as always… Enjoy the Read!





Morgan Kenyon


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