GTech Global – New Zealand, Australia, and the United States

November 2, 2022
GTech Global - New Zealand, Australia, and the United States

GTech Global

Global Innovation – Quality Solutions


Business View Oceania interviews Will Colenso and Kevin Bell of GTech Global for our Technology View.

Established more than three decades ago, GTech Global is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, industrial grade separation machinery for a wide range of industries across the world. From its beginnings in engineering for the New Zealand rendering market, the company has evolved to cater for clients in oil and gas, industrial, food and beverage, mining, processing, by-products, and environmental and waste management sectors. Their solutions-based approach and focus on continuous research and innovation led to GTech breaking ground in Australia and the USA in the 90s. Today, GTech Global has offices in Houston (US), Melbourne (AUS), and Christchurch (NZ).

In addition to their specialist product range, GTech has the ability to provide spare parts and repairs/maintenance services for all makes and models of centrifuge equipment. GTech products include decanter centrifuges, high-speed separators, pumps, gearboxes, grinders, and electrical panels, as well as custom parts, add-ons, and Turnkey solutions for specific requirements. The team of around 50 is more than happy to lend their expertise from concept and design through to testing and manufacturing, to develop unique solutions for clients’ needs.

President Kevin Bell and General Manager Will Colenso share their insight into the importance of GTech’s work. Mr. Bell begins, “GTech is more than simply a product and parts supply company. We have the capabilities to support a full-service offering; we can work with a client to take an idea from concept design to manufacture. We are solutions providers at heart; our focus is always on how we can research, innovate, and collaborate to bring something more efficient and effective to our clients. We even design our own software in-house. So our knowledge and skill is complemented very well by the level of control we have over the entire process.”

GTech Global - New Zealand, Australia, and the United States

Mr. Colenso adds, “It’s important to us that our customers feel seen and heard, and that they have confidence in our ability to work with them towards a great piece of machinery or equipment that will improve the return for their business. We have worked with the likes of Veolia, Alliance, Anzco, and South Canterbury Byproducts in New Zealand; JBS and AJ Bush & Sons in Australia; and Halliburton, NOV, Secure Energy, Clean Harbours, Tyson Foods, KSW, 3D Solutions in the US- among others. We also have an awesome network of suppliers, including Integrated Electrics, who we have worked with to develop our internal software capabilities. And of course, always backing our work and our wider industry are the national renderers associations for all three countries, so our thanks go out to them.”

GTech will attend the Australian Renderers Association (ARA) 16th International Symposium in Brisbane this September. Due to be held over four days at the Royal International Convention Centre, the symposium attracts representatives from a range of domestic and international industry players. Events like the symposium are critical, Mr. Bell says, as they provide an opportunity to network with industry collaborators and connect with potential clients. “We have attended the renderers conference for many, many iterations; it’s an event that is attended by 300-400 people each year, so it’s very important that we go, to remain competitive and abreast of the market. Around 75% of our business in Australasia is rendering companies. We are also the only local manufacturers of this type of equipment, so the chance to showcase our full product range including any new solutions we’ve developed is not one to be missed.”

Speaking of new solutions, GTech has some fantastic recent additions to their range, including the Quantum 30 high-speed separator, and the Echo 4 three-phase decanter centrifuge. Mr. Bell elaborates, “When we made our first steps into the waste management industry, we found that we had a very narrow offering, so we designed further equipment to broaden our opportunities. We have designed equipment that is centred around turning waste products into value-add revenue streams. With the focus on the circular economy, it is about wasting less and reusing more. It’s doing very well in the US, and we are looking to showcase it in Australia and New Zealand in particular, because their local markets could really benefit from something like this, and it provides a homegrown alternative to European manufacturers’ machines.”

GTech Global - New Zealand, Australia, and the United States

He continues, “The Echo 4 three-phase machine separates oil, water, and solids in a single pass, which isn’t new, but our approach allows us to adjust the machine on the fly, meaning it doesn’t have to come to a full stop to change the system. We are bringing the Echo 4 to the market for use in waste streams that have traditionally been committed to deep burial- waste material from processing plants in pork, chicken, beef, etc. We essentially take the waste material, put it through our system, and transform it into something useful. We are producing thousands of gallons per day of oil from what was traditionally thrown away. Now, that saves our clients time and money in transportation and deep burial costs, but it also works towards carbon credits, produces a renewable income, and it’s a great opportunity to be more environmentally responsible.”

Mr. Colenso adds, “We are also excited to release the next size up in our high-speed separator: the Quantum 30. This is a high-performance, self-cleaning, three-phase vertical disc separator that has a variety of use applications.”

GTech differentiates themselves from the rest of their competitive market with their full-service approach and dedication to tailored solutions. By personalising their service to each customer, the company builds confidence and fosters genuine relationships. The team values integrity above all else. Mr. Bell explains, “Our reputation is very important to use. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. That’s our bottom line. We support our customers’ ideas and are willing to work with them to achieve the best possible outcomes- we invest in understanding their business, the market they serve, and the challenges they face. On top of all that, we provide them with bespoke training to ensure they know how to get the most out of our products.”

Mr. Colenso concludes with a note on the future of GTech Global. “Our biggest goal moving forward is to continue growing our service capabilities to support sustainability. We plan to do that by diversifying our portfolio even further to include representation in all major industries that would benefit from our expertise and provide their members with the tools they need to care for our global environment.”

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GTech Global

What: Global innovator in separation technology

Where: GTech has offices in New Zealand (Christchurch), Australia (Melbourne), and the United States (Oak Ridge North, Texas)



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