Raw By Bek (RBB) features science-backed HIIT-to-the-beat workout experience geared to support high-performance professionals

January 17, 2023

Launched in 2016 by personal trainer and women in business guru Bek Strachan, RBB entered the market with a bang as Australia’s first High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio to use a beat, rather than a timer or countdown, to mark exercises. Dubbed ‘The RBB Effect’, this approach to HIIT exercise burns the maximum number of fat-specific calories possible during a workout and generates a metabolic ‘ripple’ effect that continues to burn fat for hours after the gym.

For health-conscious executives who find themselves pressed for time, The RBB Effect promises a high-end exercise experience that promotes effective and sustainable results. RBB has a growing community of over 30,000 highly engaged and loyal followers- What began as a big idea for a small fitness class operating out of a hired gym space is now a thriving in-studio experience and international online group fitness community that motivates, transforms, and improves the health of participants across the world.

Founder Bek Strachan has proudly used her guidance and mentoring in both fitness and business to build a strong online community of both men and women. Bek dedicates herself to health, fitness, and driving her community to reach their full potential. She says,

“RBB has three major focusses- we motivate you to achieve your goals, transform your body, and improve your health. This sounds like marketing hype, but it is exactly what research has shown is possible and what HIIT attempts to produce. If your workout is done with sufficient intensity and your diet is in line with the work you put in, The RBB Effect can even ignite fat burning for days. With the right formula, coaching, support, and community, you can reach your goals and transform your body. This is exactly what RBB is about. For our professional participants, especially those who are time-poor, RBB offers an opportunity to burn up to 1000 calories in a single workout, meaning they spend less time in the gym and have more to spend on their work or home lives.”

For more information, visit: https://rawbybek.com.au/

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